Chaputnguak K-12 Renovation/Addition

Chefornak, Alaska

Adding value for our clients and their community.

The Chefornak project includes 27,500 SF of newly constructed space and 19,500 SF of renovated space. Also required are a sewage treatment building, a water treatment building, two domestic water storage modules, a generator building, two boiler modules, a fire mist system module, and two 40k gallon fuel tanks. Although a challenge, the school design fits within existing property constraints but required moving two units of teacher housing to make way for the school expansion. To keep this underfunded project on track, BDS initiated a Value Analysis Report early in the design phase which covered four general areas:

  • Multiple Options for both new construction and renovations and additions
  • Selected Option refinement with diminishing demolition.
  • Construction material/systems choices.
  • Bidding strategies

This proved to be highly effective as the project came in under budget allowing the Owner to accept all of the programmed Additive Alternates.