Investigation, communication, imagination

BDS’s mission is to deliver exceptional value to the client, commitment to the project and passion for every design solution. Our process begins with investigation: research and analysis of existing conditions, digging deep into what has gone before (if the project is a renovation) and determining the challenges and opportunities offered by the site. This foundation of acquired knowledge is augmented through communication: listening to and understanding the needs and desires of the client, holding an on-going dialog with owner representatives and communicating every step of the way. Integral to the process are the values inherent in our company: sustainability and best practices, beautiful and well-designed interior spaces, and practicality in the demanding northern environment.

Coordination, cooperation, teamwork

When a project is underfunded and the timeline is tight, Design/Build can be the best way to go. With a trusted contractor as a partner, BDS can enhance the efficiency of a project and speed up the schedule with an eye to the bottom line. In this delivery system, the architect and contractor work together to produce a solution acceptable to the owner to meet a known budget. This method can eliminate the uncertainty of traditional bidding and reduce the time needed to engage in the submittal process and haggling over products and processes. Despite these possible advantages, however, Design/Build is not always the best choice. BDS has experience in both Design/Build and Design/Bid/Build, and can help analyze which system will be beneficial for a particular project.

Construction Administration
Coordination, cooperation, expertise

Construction is where the rubber meets the road, and BDS is right there in the trenches, supporting the owner and coordinating with the contractor. We take this phase seriously, and the CA director will always be someone from the original design team–we don’t believe in handing this crucial work over to an inexperienced staff member. Success in this phase is key to the success of the endeavor, and BDS prides themselves in taking as much care here as we do in every other aspect of the project.

Planning/Master Planning
Vision, goals, community

Where are we going? How long will it take? What do we do to get there? Envisioning the path and process of development is a unique skill, one that grows out of years of education and field experience. Our planners have worked with universities, school districts, and government agencies to provide a roadmap for future projects and funding goals.

Sustainable Design
LEED, best practice, renovation and re-use

There are as many definitions of sustainability as there are individuals on the planet, and its aspects are often difficult to quantify. One way of measuring is the LEED system (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) espoused by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) of which BDS is a member. Several staff members are LEED Accredited Professionals, and some have utilized continuing education to become LEED B+NC (Building and New Construction).

Design for the Northern Environment
Nature, culture, infrastructure and logistics

The nature of the Great Land is unique in all its harshness, beauty, and diversity, BDS designs buildings that successfully meet the challenges posed by difficult terrain. Our state pushes all boundaries: extremes of light and darkness; rain and snow; heat and cold; wind and weather. A single site may be buried in snow in the winter and a quagmire of mud in the summer. It may suffer a yearly temperature swing of 140 degrees, or 120-mile-per-hour winds, or active heaving soils. Whatever the difficulties and opportunities offered by climate or geography, BDS has an experience-based solution that makes the most of it.

Where We Work

Where we work.