Eagle River Elementary School

Eagle River, Alaska

Brightening the future for bright young minds

During the November 2018 Earthquake, Eagle River Elementary School was damaged enough to close the school indefinitely until repairs could be made.  While it was determined that much of the damage was cosmetic in nature, students and teachers were understandably worried about returning to the facility. BDS worked to help mitigate their fears by thoroughly assessing the damage, identifying how to fix scary looking cracks and broken ceilings, and providing a design that mitigated the chance of similar damage occurring in later earthquakes.  This work included brand new finishes on the interior of the building, an upgraded thermal envelope with new exterior finishes on the school, and a brand-new roof to complete the energy saving upgrades.  All this was done utilizing a bright, cheerful, autumn inspired gold throughout the school, bringing reassuring light and warmth back into damaged spaces.